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All creations are made from my photographs or scans from plastic water bottles.

Commitments :

« Water »

Water is on Earth since its origin. Liquid, solid or gaseous, it is essential for the survival of humanity and the aquatic and ground ecosystems.
From its multiple facets, water became a major symbol throughout religions and civilizations. Source of life, means of purification and development, it is also symbol of fertility, purity, wisdom, grace and virtue.
Consequently, this resource has always initiated conflicts. It became so precious that we speak about "blue gold ", a wealth unequally distributed and exploited today.
Its rarity on one hand and its overconsumption of the other one raise numerous problems such as the quality of drinking water, degradation of aquatic ecosystems, and also floods and droughts, which all create important human losses and damages.
By my artistic approach, I want to reveal this breath of life, this object of worship starting from the origin of men, which became, in our societies of consumption, a product of our economy and a major element of the environment in the heart of the matter of "Millennium Development Goals ".

« Positive Economy »

Our economic model that prevails for years seems to have reached its limits.
The crises arising and that self feed constantly growing. Through finance, they come to impact the economy, society and the environment.
The actions carried out in response to our drift are merely individualistic attitudes in the short term and that only aggravate things.
It has become essential to resume his "time" in hand and reconnect with a long-term vision where everyone can find a place, "place" in society.
The "Escape" series is a work on the confinement, the loophole on our present condition, which attempts to unleash the imagination to reconnect with a new and colorful world, the world we want to leave future generations. We need to become an actor to make possible this 180 degree turn and participate in its scale in the creation of this future society.
This change of model which is called "positive economy" has already begun and continues to grow. Its actors, although scattered, are becoming more and different forms. Their new initiatives are also beginning to create value and we must inspire us. However, like any project, and it's size, needs to bring together under a common language different actors, skills and organize them in a creative environment.
This project should be participatory, constructive and communicative with an intelligent use of resources and new media we have in involving as many without age limits.